Mastering the Art of Losing Yourself, Instead of Finding Yourself

Many people say that people in their 20’s, and even in their 30’s, are at an age of discovery and finding themselves. I’ve found it to be quite the opposite.

I’m 23, approaching 24 in a couple short months, and so far the only thing I have found is that I cannot do this thing called life on my own. I need Jesus. I need a Savior. And in order to find him in my everyday life, I need to lose my own self.

It’s not an easy thing to just “give yourself up”, it’s actually quite hard. It is an art to be honest. This society and this world focuses so much on how someone’s life ought to appear and how one should look physically, that people don’t find themselves, but they lose themselves to vain imaginations.

The world tells us that we need a certain amount of money to “appear” glamorous or well put together. The world tells us that we need to be a certain size and height to be universally attractive and accepted. The world tells us that we have to be married, have children, travel the world and earn six figures as part of the American Dream. We have to dress, smell, look and act a certain way and come off as if everything in our life is perfect when that is never the case.

Nobody is perfect and nobdy’s life is going to be perfect, especially if you’re living the radical lifestyle that God had intended for his children. There are going to be hardships and trials that we face and because they hated him first, they will hate us, too.

John 15:18-19 – “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love its own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

Each and every day we must choose to deny ourselves in order to bring praise to Jesus. There are many things we desire in our lives and many temptations that will confront us, but choosing to honor Jesus and his word instead of falling into those temptations, brings praise to him.


When we lose ourself and follow after Jesus and his will for our lives, he creates in us new life and choosing to adhere to this new life causes us to find ourselves. We find ourselves wrapped in his mercy that is new every single morning. We find our hearts and souls devoured in his unconditional love for us. We find that when we are weak, his is strong for us and through us. We find that we are never alone, even in the darkest of times. We find provision, for he is our provider. We find ourselves to be full of joy, because he is our joy and strength.

Don’t get caught up in trying to find yourself. You won’t be impressed.


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