The Successful Way To Accomplish Resolutions


Each year millions of people vow to make a various year long changes and more often than not they fail at those changes because it can be an overwhelming task to look that far ahead. Some people vow to make those changes and can successfully stick with their comittment to eat better, read more or make financial changes in their lives. In my own life I love to plan, but although I hate to admit it, I don’t always stick to those plans. I’m an in-the-moment-inspired-to-make-changes-person, so I quit making new years resolutions even when I have a million things I wanna change or new things I want to start. Most of the time, people forget what their resolutions were by March of the new year. My alternative solution to this problem for 2016 was to make weekly/monthly resolutions to create a realistic timeline for me to accomplish my desires.

Instead of swearing in the new year with a whole list of changes that will ultimately set me up for failure, I’ll go week to week or month to month which makes everything a whole lot easier.

Each week or month, depending on the kind of changes I’m wanting to make, I’ll make a list to keep me accountable. For me, I can think of several different changes or new interests that I want to try right off the top of my head. The first step is to write down all of those ideas and figure out what kind of timely basis to incorporate them into. An example from my own life, I want to try more recipes instead of the same old dinners or lunches over and over again. So, I’ll decide to try a new recipe at some point each week. It isn’t a huge comittment, but it is a realistic one that I can accomplish. For the monthly resolutions, I choose to do something such as being more involved in my church or attending more worship services. It is something I have lacked in as of late and hope to become more active within my church body and other Christians.

It’s so easy to fall into failure without accountability, so you’ll want to make sure you keep a buddy informed as to what you are doing and how you are progressing. Each person knows themselves and what kind of timeline they will abide by, so attempt these resolutions at a pace that won’t set you up for failure. Once a goal is accomplished or a habit is formed and you start to see positive changes, then your self-motivation will keep you fired up and having a little extra self-confidence is never a bad thing, right?


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